Does Your Electrical Wiring Need a Facelift?

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When considering work to be done on a house, the wiring is easy to overlook.

Unless it becomes a real problem, it’s simple to take for granted. Wiring is installed in a way that we don’t notice it, and if our electronics get the power they need, we’re often satisfied.

The thing is, your wiring may be giving you signals that there is an underlying issue.

There are certain situations that, once you learn to recognize them, will indicate an issue in need of addressing.

Below we’ll look at what the signs are that you may need a wiring facelift.

Dimming Lights

Have you ever turned on the vacuum cleaner and noticed that the lights dimmed?

That can be a sign of an overworked circuit. A light’s electricity need is so low that you shouldn’t notice it drawing power. If a light is influenced by the use of other electronics, then you’ll want an expert to come in and assess that the wiring is still in good shape.

Tripping Circuits

The microwave is going, the toast is down, and the coffee maker is turned on. Suddenly, they all lose power.

A circuit board is designed to trip should too much power surge through it. It’s a safety feature that protects both whatever’s plugged into the circuit, but also to the house, as it prevents potential fire hazards.

Flipping the circuit back in is an immediate fix, but if this is a regular occurrence, then something isn’t right with the wiring.

Evidence of Heat On the Outlet and Switch Covers

Outlet and switch covers should be cool to the touch. The wiring must secure the electricity in a way that doesn’t create any residual heat.

If your covers are warm or hot to the touch or if there is evidence of scorching, then there’s an issue with the wiring. That’s evidence that electricity is escaping, which has the potential to be a huge threat.

Need for Extension Cords

Have you ever set up an entertainment unit and struggled to find outlets for all the different devices?

An extension cord is a quick fix, but it’s not a long-term solution.

If you find that you regularly need more outlets than you have available, contact a registered electrician. This need isn’t a sign that there’s something wrong with the wiring, necessarily. Instead, your current wiring doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Continuing to rely on extension cords to manage your needs is a risk. It can try and draw more electricity than the circuit can provide, which can lead to both wiring issues but cause harm to your electronic devices. These devices do have power needs that are very specific.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Wiring Facelift

Getting electrical work done isn’t exciting. You don’t have a new roof to look at or a sliding door to enjoy.

What you do get, though, is both peace of mind and more efficient energy use. Wiring is designed to function indefinitely without maintenance. If you do need work done, getting it taken care of properly will help ensure that you won’t have wiring issues again.

If you have any questions about wiring or wish to talk to someone about any issues you may have, reach out. We’re always here to help.

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