Southern California Commercial Electrician

At Signal Alarms and Electric, our team includes knowledgeable and experienced commercial electricians, who have worked throughout the Los Angeles area. Our team can access your needs, giving you a plan to address your commercial electrical challenges.

Commercial businesses are constantly challenged by emerging technologies and outmoded electrical systems. Our commercial electricians are trained on new technologies and are experts in designing and maintaining safe commercial electrical systems.

Signal Alarm Electrics commercial electricians are trained and certified to provide a wide array of commercial electrical services for all of your commercial electrical services needs. Our commercial electricians are required to undergo continuous education and training to ensure we are up-to-date on current electrical codes and best practices.

We provide a full range of commercial electrical services in Los Angeles, including wiring and lighting services. Our certified commercial electricians have the skill and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose any electrical issues. We can help you evaluate the condition of the electrical in your commercial building and give you the right plan to address problems or to complete an electrical upgrade through phases. No matter what you need done, our commercial electricians can assist you in getting it finished.

Our team of experts can provide commercial electricians in Los Angeles for new construction, accessory dwelling units, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior, and landscape lighting. We can also assist you with retrofits and service installations throughout the greater Southern California, LA County area. As building codes change in Los Angeles, we use regular training to keep our team up to date, which means you can have the peace of mind knowing your commercial electrical services will be completed to code, limiting potential delays.

To meet the increased demand for housing in Los Angeles County, many landlords and property owners are building accessory dwelling units (ADU’s). These dwelling units are defined by the Los Angeles Municipal Code as an attached or detached dwelling unit that provides self contained living facilities for one or more persons located on a lot with a proposed or existing primary residence. Our commercial electricians will help you identify and design an electrical plan that will meet code requirements for the addition of the ADU on the property.

If you are getting ready to renovate your offices, our team can assist you in determining what your current and future needs will be to make sure that your new electrical system is built to handle those needs and the growth of your business. Plus, we know the current codes and how they are going to apply to your project. Our team provides code compliant circuit installation, shock protection, and GFI circuit installations for your commercial electrical needs. This is critical to workplace safety as some of the most common causes of workplace fires include defective electrical equipment, faulty fire detection alarms, and cooking equipment.

As the age of technology continues to expand, your electrical system needs to have the ability to handle multiple computers, routers, servers, and more. Equipment in your office is going to be connected to your internet constantly, providing the ability to use technology to get things done at the office or from a remote location.

The National Fire Protection Association reports electrical fires as a top cause of commercial property damage in the Unites States, citing electrical distribution and lighting equipment as leading causes of structure fires in industrial properties, and electrical distribution, lighting, electronic, and office and entertainment equipment are attributed to 22 percent of structure fires in office properties.

Older buildings might not have the electrical system to handle the evolution of technology. As a landlord, having your building upgraded can be a selling point for potential tenants, as they know that your space is ready to handle technology, both now and into the future.

Our commercial electricians inspect and assess the existing electrical systems and when necessary, will identify what is required to bring your building up to code now while keeping your plans for future growth and demand in mind.

Our commercial electricians in Los Angeles can help you to make the right decisions for the electrical wiring of your commercial space. No matter what your budget, we can help you to maximize the benefit. Using phases of work, you can complete an electrical upgrade in a way that helps to manage the costs.

Working with our team, we can also upgrade your commercial offices for data network and telephone installations. Whether you are opting to go wireless or wired with your computer circuits and telephone lines, our team can make sure you have the right wiring in place to handle your volume right now and as your business grows.

More businesses are hiring remote workers. Today, 16 percent of Californians work from home full time, and 19 percent of Californians work from home part of the time. Many businesses are embracing the benefits of audio-visual technology for meetings and remote workers. Our commercial electricians can assist you in concealing the wiring to keep your offices looking professional, while making sure that it can be accessed for repairs as needed. Additionally, we can help you to wire for multi-room installations, meaning that you can take technology out of your conference room and into other areas of your business. We tailor our commercial electrical services to compliment a full range of business models for remote and in-house staff.

Our experienced team can also make sure your wiring system is ready for any security or automation devices that you plan to install to control lights, security cameras, locks, or motion detectors.

From design to finish, our experienced estimators, project managers, and technicians provide the expertise to ensure that your commercial electrical project is completed on time, on budget, and up to code.