LA County Electrical Services

Signal Alarms and Electric provides a wide range of electrical services for every electrical application. Our commercial electricians provide a full range of electrical services including installing electrical systems for building renovations and retrofits and accessory dwelling units, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior and exterior lightings, remote and commercial offices, and workplace electrical and audio-visual upgrades, security cameras motion detectors, and other automation devices for both commercial and residential properties in the Southern California, LA County area.

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Residential and commercial wiring

Upgrade and repair for new houses and remodels.

We provide commercial electrical services for all your residential and commercial wiring needs. Whether you are upgrading an aging electrical system or need a new sound or entertainment system wired, we can help.

Appliance and lighting installations

Electrical circuit installations to meet the latest electrical code requirements.

We can assess the current electrical system and advise you on the electrical requirements for appliance and lighting installations. We ensure the electrical work is done to meet current code requirements.

Architectural lighting design

Installation of fixtures to meet any mood or highlight decor.

Whether you need ambient, task, accent, or decorative lighting installations, we can help. Our electricians will install lighting for every purpose, including light fixtures, spotlights, and downlights to achieve the lighting effect you desire.

Data network and telephone installations

Wireless or wired computer circuits and telephony lines for home or office.

Many people work from home offices in Southern California. Our commercial electricians are trained and certified to install both wireless and wired computer systems to allow seamless communications for home and home office requirements.

Power meter and electrical panel service

Service upgrades and replacements for safety and reliability.

If you haven’t upgraded your electrical panel in the last 20 to 30 years we can help. We can advise you on code requirements and provide service upgrades and panel replacements to ensure safety and reliability.

Bathroom and spa wiring

We provide code compliant circuit installation, shock protection, and GFI circuit installations.

Exterior lighting and power supply

We install safe, underground electrical circuits, concealed mood lighting & sensors.

Audio-visual and home automation

Our professionals are experts at installing concealed audiovisual speaker and cable wiring for multi-room systems.