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What is solar battery storage

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As climate change dominates the policy discussions around the world, more individuals are looking for ways to lessen their environmental impact by shifting to cleaner forms of energy. Among those options is solar energy, which is becoming more cost-effective for homeowners. In Los Angeles, solar energy is becoming more prevalent.

Before choosing the right residential solar system, it is important to know how much solar battery storage you need. Let’s learn what solar battery storage is and how to determine how much you need.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Essentially, solar battery storage gives you the ability to store the electricity generated through your Los Angeles solar panels until you want to use it, either in the evening or at other times of high energy usage.

Your Los Angeles solar panels will generate the most amount of energy during the daylight hours, which is the time when you are probably using the least amount of energy. After all, you don’t have your lights on and are likely to be at work, thus your air conditioning is also not running consistently.

Instead of losing all that energy, your panels produce throughout the day, putting in solar batteries allows you to capture that surplus electricity to use when you need it. For instance, solar batteries can power your home in the evening, which gives you greater independence from the electrical grid powering your city or town. You could even use that excess energy to charge your electric vehicle in the evening.

What Type of Battery Do You Want?

You want a battery with a depth of discharge of at least 40% or higher and a round-trip efficiency of around 80%. Capacity will tell you how much energy a solar battery can hold. The depth of discharge shows how much of your solar battery’s capacity can shorten its life span.

Round-trip efficiency is the difference between the available amount of energy and the amount of energy used to charge the solar battery.

The more you are able to use the clean energy being produced by your Los Angeles solar panels, the more positive environmental impact your family can make. Plus, you are saving energy instead of sending your eco-friendly energy directly back into the grid.

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost?

Working with a qualified solar panel system installer, you can determine the right size solar batteries for your system. The cost of your solar batteries is going to be based upon the size of the battery and the number of batteries you purchase as part of your system. Our consultations go over your energy needs and determine how many solar batteries you need to maximize your storage so there is no gap in energy throughout your home.

What Are Solar Batteries Made Of and How Big Are They?

There are four types of solar batteries, lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-based, and flow batteries. Each has its own characteristics, so working with your Los Angeles solar panel professionals can help you determine the right option for you.

In Los Angeles, solar panels are becoming more common, and so are the solar battery banks. Yet, you do not have to think that it means that you are giving up a large part of your home to your solar battery storage. On average, a solar battery is about the size of your carry-on luggage.

Your solar battery systems will often be installed in your utility room, under your stairs, or even in your garage. To determine the best location for your solar batteries, our consultant will check out your home to keep it close to your main inverter and the rest of the controls for your solar panel system while still putting it out of the way. Plus, batteries are getting lighter, which opens up more options for their location.

Call our team today to learn about the Los Angeles solar panel systems and battery options available for your home.


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