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How Remote Features Can Enhance Your Home Alarm System

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Like all homeowners, you have but one desire – to protect your loved ones at any and all times. That’s why you had a local Los Angeles Alarms specialist install your home’s security system.

But did you know that you can further enhance the features of the security system in order to provide you with more comfort, convenience, safety and security? How? By going remote.

Just think of the following advantages that going remote can give you:

  1. Convenience. Imagine being able to monitor all areas of your home via your Smartphone, tablet or work station? You can monitor all of the people who visit your home and even view your entire backyard to check if there are unauthorized people on your property.
  2. Safety. The safety that remote systems can provide goes beyond detecting criminals. You can have LA County Electrical Services install cameras in areas frequented by your kids like hallways, playrooms or even the pool. There was once an incident when a nanny fell asleep while her client’s child was playing. The toddler went into the pool area. Luckily, the mother, who was in her office, had remote system installed in her smartphone. Once she saw what was happening, she immediately called the nanny and the authorities as well. A certified life saver, don’t you think?
  3. Security. If you have a remote system, you can take a vacation to any travel destination for as long as you desire without worrying about the safety and security of your home. This goes whether you’re taking your kids or leaving them with a relative or a baby sitter. All you need to do is have an LA County Area Alarms professional install your home security system and they’ll have it configured to your smartphone.
  4. Peace of mind. Nothing can assure you more of your family’s safety and security than seeing them with your own eyes. With a remote system, you will be able to see how your nanny is treating the kids, who your teenager’s visitors are or who is eyeing your home suspiciously – no matter whether you’re in your own bedroom at home or in a hotel suite a hundred miles away.

Adding a remote feature to your home’s security system is comparable to many systems without the feature, but considering the enhanced security and safety it can give you, the cost is more than justified.

Should you leave your family’s safety and protection to chance? Remember that all that crime needs is a chance. Call your alarms and electric providers today.