Dangers of A/C Improper Installation and Faulty Wiring

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Dangers of A/C Improper Installation and Faulty WiringAfter a day’s work, it’s always a refreshing feeling to go home and experience the comfortable breeze from your air conditioning unit. But when something suddenly goes wrong, it can suddenly turn your day into a nightmare. You will be eager to call a reputable Los Angeles electrical contractor to check on your unit. What’s worse is when the sun is up and the weather’s hot, having it fixed right away is your top priority. The truth is this all depends on proper installation and maintenance. All the requirements in order for your unit to work as expected shall be taken into consideration upon installation. Improper care and consideration will not only damage your air conditioning unit, it can also pose dangerous risks to your home.

This article aims to inform you about the common A/C problems due to improper installation and faulty wiring. The list below should never be ignored or left unnoticed by the owners. The potential system damage and breakdown can lead to tumultuous issues in your HVAC system. Worse, it can also affect the way electricity flows inside your home. Fluctuations can be apparent and this can even instigate a fire. To maintain security and protection for your property and your family, keep in mind that you can call expert Los Angeles electrical contractors in your area if you observe the following.

Frozen coils

You know it’s time for maintenance if you observe that your A/C unit has frozen coils. This manifests through icy-build up in the coils. To fix such issue, use your fan to melt the ice right away. While doing so, open any closed registers in your room to make sure that there is sufficient air-flow blowing through the coils. Aside from this, clean dust and dirt off the coils. Changing your air filters can also get the job done. If this persists, you have to acquire the service of your ever-reliable Los Angeles electrical contractor. Setting your temps too low can also cause your coils to frost. Have realistic expectations of the proper necessary temperature settings to be comfortable.

Condenser and Outside Fan Failure

Another electrical failure due to improper installation and probably faulty wiring is when the outside fan fails to turn. This can also happen to the condenser. If you own an A/C unit, it is good to know that it is composed of a condenser, compressor and a fan. Check if the thermostat is working and if the power is on. If not, check for tripped breakers. If you don’t know how, ask for the assistance of a skilled Los Angeles electrical contractor to do it for you.

Temperature Control Issues

There are several cases that can be attributed to your air conditioning system woes. The evaporator operation must be rigged when the coils are dirty. You will notice some frost build up, which means there is a need to re-charge the air conditioning unit. It can also mean that the fan motor is not producing optimal air over the coils. Call your electrician right away if you don’t know what to do.

Insufficient clearance around the unit can also result to condenser failure. Always make sure that your A/C is properly installed, clear of any shrub or yard debris clogging air flow. This ultimately affects the HVAC system inside your home.

Lastly, improper unit sizing is one of the things that you must consider upon installation or upon the purchase of a home. Make sure you ask if the size of the unit is proper for the size of the home. If there are recent changes to your home or if you are planning to upgrade, let it be known. All of these specifications add to the requirements of the system size and its operation.