The Sunny Island battery inverters, Sunny Island 3324 and Sunny Island 4248, are particularly suited for use in small-scale and medium-sized stand-alone grids. The SMA SUNNY ISLAND SI 6048U model is available for countries with voltage systems according to US American standard. Energy sources such as solar power, wind energy and hydropower systems can be connected on both the AC side and the DC side. The devices guarantee a reliable, high-quality power supply, with extremely quiet operation.

SMA SUNNY ISLAND SI 6048U, the ideal choice

Due to their excellent overload characteristics and their desig n for high ambient temperatures, the Sunny Island 3324, Sunny Island 4248 and Sunny Island 4248U are suitable for use under e xtreme climatic conditions. Furthermore, they are very easy to install and have an excellent price/performance ratio.

  • Bi-directional for stand-alone use.
  • Output: 230 V AC / 50 Hz and 220 V AC / 60 Hz.
  • For single-phase and three-phase parallel connection.
  • Constant AC power at 25/45º C: 5000/4000 W
  • Battery voltage: 48 V DC.
  • External battery temperature sensor.
  • Data recording with SD/MMC card.
  • Basic configuration. Additional features and extras will be quoted separately and added.

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Weight50 oz


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