SMA SUNNY CENTRAL 500HE-US (Before Options)


The Sunny Central 500HE-US couples to an external medium-voltag e transformer to accommodate long distance power feeds to distribution substations and delivers the highest efficiency available for large PV inverters. An updated user interface fe atures a large LCD that provides a graphical view of the daily plant p roduction as well as the status of the inverter and the utility grid. Flexible plant monitoring is available through various communic ations solutions such as Ethernet, Modbus, RS485 and OPC. Designed for easy installation, operation and performance monit oring, the UL-certified Sunny Central 500HE-US is the ideal choice for large-scale PV projects.

  • Max. DC power rating: 565kWp.
  • MPP voltage range: 330 – 600 V
  • Max. Efficiency: 97.4%
  • Certificates: UL 1741, UL 1998, IEEE1547.

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Weight200 oz


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